TIPS para esta Epoca Navideña

9 Tips para relajarte en esta temporada Navideña

Durante esta temporada de navidad, es fácil caer en el estres de las multiples actividades que al final te dejan agotado, fuera de balance y susceptible a los resfrios y gripas invernales.  Si realmente quieres disfrutar de esta temporada navideña, el mejor regalo que puedes darle a tu familia y a ti mismo es cuidarte y apapacharte a ti mismo.

1.  Haz una cosa a la vez. En lugar de tratar de hacer varias cosas a la vez, date el gusto de concentrarte en algo.  Cuando estes cocinando, apaga tu celular y la televisión.  Experimenta tranquilamente el placer de preparar y de comer tus cenas navideñas.  Si envias tarjetas de navidad a tus familiares y amigos hazlo un ritual plasentero.  Pon la musica que mas te agrade y concentrate en agradecer el hecho de tenerlos como amigos o familiares y de tener a quien invitar o enviar esa tarjeta.

2.  Commit to less. Don’t succumb to the collective hallucination that would plunge you into a mad scramble to find thoughtful gifts for everyone from your mother to your child’s teacher, create reindeer topiary for the lawn, and make platefuls of cookies, candies, and pies from scratch. Choose to participate only in those holiday activities that hold meaning and joy for you and your loved ones.

3.  Communicate consciously. A helpful tool to prevent emotional strain at family gatherings is the Buddhist practice of “right speech.” Before you speak, ask yourself these three questions: Is what I am about to say true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?  Find more conscious communication tips here.

4. Maintain a restful sleep routine. While it’s easy to fall into an erratic schedule with parties, travel, preparation, and other seasonal events, you will feel better and actually be able to accomplish more if you cultivate a restful sleep routine. When you find yourself pushing too hard or overdoing any activity, rest.

5.  Learn to meditate. Besides sleep, the best rest is the deep relaxation provided by meditation. When you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall. You go beyond the mind’s noisy internal dialogue and experience an oasis of inner silence and stillness.

6.  Eat warm, Vata-pacifying foods. When the weather is cold, limit your intake of dry and raw items such as nuts, chips, and uncooked vegetable, which all tend to aggravate the body’s nervous system and digestion. Try delicious soups, cooked whole grains, and nourishing stews. Learn more about Vata-balancing foods here.

7.  Don’t skip lunch to do holiday shopping. Skipping meals aggravates both the Vata and Pitta doshas, so stick with regular mealtimes.

8.  Exhale your stress. In stressful situations we have an unconscious tendency to breathe shallowly, which only increases anxiety in our mind and body. Kapalabhati is a yogic breathing technique that releases stress and toxins from the body. Find Kapalabhati instructions in our library.

9.  Nurture your senses with aromatherapy and essential oils. In your home or office, use soothing scents such as orange, lavender, neroli, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, basil, or clove. Performing a self-massage with sesame or other natural oils is a deeply healing practice that you can treat yourself to every day.